Described based on specific trade law
Brand name


Sales company

paintory Inc.


60-2, Motuomachi, Tsuyama-shi, Okayama, 708-0061

TEL : 03-6823-0750  FAX : 0868-35-2156


Fee required in addition to the commodity price

1000 yen per shipping your order at the time of your order

Shipping timing

The exact estimated shipping date will be displayed at the time of purchase.
*Such as when your order is concentrated, shipping day it might be around. Please note.
*If by any chance shipment is delayed, we will contact you by e-mail.

Payment method

Credit card
Available the following credit card.
・Paidy Next month payment(Convenience store/Bank)
Convenience store payment
Bank transfer

Correspondence of the cancellation and returned goods

Returned or exchanged cancel items of your order, we can not respond as a general rule. Any chance size and product color, if the quantity or the like is different from the content of the order, so we will your replacement, please contact us within 2 weeks after goods arrival.

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